The Beyond the Sock: Puppetry for Television and Film workshop is an intensive educational experience that packs character development, design, physical manipulation of puppets and acting with puppets into four and a half days. Featuring a blend of small group classroom instruction and hands-on training, attendees learn using the same methods used to train puppeteers for television programs and feature films.

In addition to performance, attendees will also learn about the materials and assembly methods needed to create professional quality puppets. Each registrant will be able to craft his or her own puppet for use during latter part of the workshop which culminates in a talent show style performance on the final evening.

General registration is $1400.00 and includes all performance and building sessions and full construction materials. Discounted registration for currently enrolled college and university students will be available on a limited basis. More information on either registration option is available by email at info@beyondthesock.com or by phone at +1 940-369-7448. Staff and instructor bios, directions to the workshop venue, information regarding discounted accommodations and online registration links can be found at: www.beyondthesock.com